Thursday, May 6, 2010

NXT 5/4/10

NXT opens with the rookies at ringside. Striker reminds them that next week, one of them will be eliminated. Striker introduces tonight’s challenge, an Obstacle Course. The rookies must first cross monkey bars, climb a suspended ladder and ring a bell, make their way up to the concourse where they have to drink a soda, return to the ring, juggle for 5 seconds, perform a dizzy bat challenge, and push a cart across the finish line. The winner gains immunity so that if he is ranked in 8th place next week, the person ranked before him will be eliminated. Daniel Bryan is up first. He completes the course in 2:45.5. Miz comes out and berates Bryan for taking so long to complete the obstacle course. He says that Bryan will be facing Michael Tarver next.

Daniel Bryan vs. Michael Tarver. Bryan looks to get control early, but Tarver catches him with a back elbow and turns his attentions to the wounded ribs. Bryan gets a submission hold on Tarver’s legs and does some damage to the legs. Tarver punches Bryan in the ribs and sends him into the corner. Bryan fights out of the corner and nail Tarver with a running kick. Tarver returns to the ribs. He hits a scoop slam and cover for 2. Tarver goes to a modified Camel Clutch on Bryan. Back from break and Tarver hits Bryan with a modified pumphandle suplex and covers for another 2 count. Bryan fights back with a knee to the ribs and he follows up with a kick to the back. Bryan hits a series of kicks. He hits an attack in the corner and a snap DDT move for a 1 count. He moves to an armbar on Tarver. Tarver manages to pick him up and slam Bryan down. Tarver picks up Bryan and hits a modified powerslam and covers to win.

Move of the Match: There were some impressive moves from both men in this match, but this has to go to the move Tarver used as his finisher which was a unique version of a powerslam.

After the match, Tarver picks up Bryan and Carlito hits Bryan with the Backstabber.

Backstage Darren Young is with the SES. Punk tells Young he needs to figure out who he wants to be and he can start by winning the Obstacle Course Challenge.

Obstacle Course Challenge. Heath Slater is next. Slater completes the course in 1:36.9. Darren Young is next. He completes the course in 2:07.8. Heath Slater remains in the lead. Up next is Justin Gabriel. He completes the course in 1:29.0. David Otunga is next. He completes the course in 1:35.0. After he completes the course, Striker announces that his match is next.

David Otunga vs. R-Truth. R-Truth offers a handshake and then slaps Otunga. Otunga overpowers Truth, but Truth answers by fighting back with speed. Otunga sends Truth into the corner shoulder first and then catches Truth with a shoulder block. Back from break, Otunga has Truth in an abdominal stretch. Otunga releases Truth and catches him with a kick to the ribs. Truth fights back, but Otunga overpowers him again and goes back to the abdominal stretch. Truth counters out an puts Otunga in the abdominal stretch. Truth slingshots over Otunga in the corner and performs his cartwheel and splits, and then catches Otunga with a spinning kick. Truth hits the Lie Detector and covers for the 3 count.

Move of the Match: This has to go to the Lie Detector.

Wade Barrett is next in the Obstacle Course Challenge. Wade Barrett can’t do the monkey bars and walks out. The official disqualifies him. Skip Sheffield is next. Sheffield completes the course in 1:31.2. Up next is Michael Tarver. Tarver is unable to finish his soda and the referee disqualifies him. Justin Gabriel wins the Obstacle Course Challenge and secures immunity next week.

Striker talks to the rookies. Michael Tarver says he should be eliminated for the protection of the other rookies. Sheffield, Slater, and Barrett all think Tarver should be eliminated. Bryan says he should be eliminated because he is the only one who hasn’t won a match. Young starts to say he wants it more than all the rookies. Barrett pushes him away and the two of them brawl on the floor. The referees attempt to separate them as NXT ends.

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